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Bad Insulation Technique

Some Data and Resources on Spray Foam Insulation

Here are sources for more information. web site for Demilec USA the products we spray is a Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency is the Government Agency for Energy Efficient Information

You can download some documents we provide our customers from the below links. If you find them helpful, pass them on to your friends and family. 

Demilec Efficiency Chart

Dew Point Definition

Air Infiltration Convection Thermal Bridging Condensation

Agribalance - Open cell roof deck

Some advantages gained by insulating with Polyurethane foam in a new home

R-Value overemphasized article

Dare to Compare Display

We have many more documents we can load on the site or email you. Contact us and we'll email you what you need or post any white papers or articles on insulation best practices or other informative documents that can assist you as you consider re-insulation or new home/business building.

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